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Things To Know Before You Enter …

  • K.C. Scanlon will typically open the doors for a sale at 9:00 am. At 8:00 a.m.  the morning of a sale, numbers for numerical entry into the property will begin to be handed out. Numbers are distributed until the start of the sale.  Once a buyer has received a number, they can go back to their car, get breakfast, etc. and return prior to the doors opening. They may enter the property when their number is called.  Please note, the line waits for no one.
  • Select sales can be extremely popular. It is not unusual for buyers to arrive hours ahead of sunrise in an attempt to be a low number and one of the first into a property. At sales where large crowds are anticipated prior to 8:00 a.m. , K.C. Scanlon may elect to put out a sign in box the night before a sale. Early arrivals (prior to 7:30) are asked to sign-in to ease confusion about a buyer's place in line. It should be noted that once a person signs into a sale, it is expected they will remain in the sale vicinity. Should they leave, their number in line on the sign-in sheet will be considered vacated.
  • K.C. Scanlon prefers not to limit the number of buyers it will allow into a building at any one time, but due to the constraints of some properties, limitations may be set. These will be announced in the opening remarks prior to each sale.
  • Prior to opening, announcements will be made. Exceptions to any terms will be announced.
  • K.C. Scanlon works on a rip tag system. To purchase an item, simply rip the bottom half of a tag (the part with the price on it). If a tag is ripped, the item has already been purchased.
  • Only rip tags on items you are committed to purchasing. Ripping a tag is considered an immediate contract to purchase.
  • Small items may be carried with you. Large Items can be left in place until checkout.
  • Do not break up a lot. Lots are considered groups of items and will be marked on the tag. As a suggestion, if you buy a “lot,” please carry it with you or put it by the bookkeepers for safe keeping.
  • If an item is to be left for later pickup it must be confirmed with the bookkeepers and marked with the buyer’s name and phone number.
  • Payment is accepted in American funds in the form of cash or check (proper identification may be required).
  • All items are sold “AS-IS.” K.C. Scanlon makes no representation about the condition of items. Buyers are welcome to plug in electronics, etc. provided proper safety concerns are addressed.
  • K.C. Scanlon is not responsible for items after purchase. It is the buyer’s responsibility on transfer of ownership to take care of their purchase.
  • Be prepared to show receipt upon exiting sale area with items.
  • Please use respect in homes. Do not cross into areas that are flagged off or so marked as “closed.”
  • K.C. Scanlon does not provide packing material. While we will make boxes available depending on availability, it is the buyer’s responsibility to package their purchases.
  • K.C. Scanlon strictly adheres to all Vermont sales tax laws. In the case of a multiple-owner sale, 6% sales tax will be charged. Any dealer with a resale certificates who intends to be exempt from paying sales tax will be required to have their sales tax exemption paperwork on file with K.C. Scanlon.