What is the standard commission rate?

Our commission rates are based on what we estimate is the overall value of the sale, work involved, and amount of garbage to be disposed of.  We are happy to quote a commission rate once we have viewed the contents.

​How much time is required?

While we have done sales with as little as one-week notice, we prefer to have at least two weeks to prepare the house and get the advertising in order.  Depending on the season and our availability, it may take between 4 – 6 weeks to schedule the date for a sale.

Can you do this in winter?

Absolutely. Winter is a great time for a sale like this. There is almost no competition and our buyers have been cooped up inside for months. In many cases, winter sales see far more traffic than their summer counterparts.

Do I need to be present?

No. We actually prefer owners are not present. When an owner is on-premises during a sale they will frequently be approached by friends looking to get in early or for deals. This can result in an awkward situation. Also, owners can sometimes be sentimental about selling items. This can hamper the sale process.

If a seller is nervous about the sale, we encourage them to view items before the sale and come to terms with the process. After the sale an accounting is provided.

​I have very fine antiques. Are these right for an estate sale?

The simple answer is maybe. While we can archive very solid results on most antiques and fine decorative items, an estate sale is not the best venue to sell all specialty items. When we see items such as these during our pre-sale evaluations, we are happy to talk to the owner about how they can achieve the most for their property. It is not uncommon for us to recommend  an appropriate auction facility, or online specialty sale. In the event this is a recommendation, we are happy to aid in the item’s consignment free of charge. Because of our relationship with many such facilities, we can also even negotiate a better commission rate on our client’s behalf than they can achieve themselves.

​What if I do not have enough?

Depending on the situation, K.C. Scanlon may remove the contents and transport them to a different sale location. This usually happens when a homeowner needs a few items removed to open up a floor plan to aid in the sale of a house, when the family has removed several items, or when dealing with a small retirement apartment.

In the event this happens, a listing will be provided, and payment will be made after the date of sale. A higher commission rate may be charged. We are happy to discuss specifics at the time of consultation. 

​What if I have too much stuff for a sale?

There is no such thing. We have worked on sales where there was nothing more than small “paths” through homes and rooms were so full you couldn’t see the furniture.

​​Should I “sort” the items first?

The simple answer is no, it is not necessary. Our staff is well trained. They are also extremely adept at separating personal papers, photos, tax documents, and similar items and making sure they are returned to the owner or executor. We also go out of our way to protect the personal privacy of our clients. Anything that may cause embarrassment to the owner will be respected and not offered for sale.

We also know that some items may be uncovered in the course of conducting a sale and the family should have the right to see these. For instance, if a long-lost wedding ring is found we would want to make sure the owner approves its sale, rather than finding out later that an heir wanted it.

​I don’t want anyone to see my home. It is too messy.

Believe it or not, we hear this often. The truth is we understand that often with older relatives who have lived through the depression they tend to save everything. We also know as a person ages their ability to clean is affected. We do not pass judgment in this situation. We prefer to be the ones to sort through items because we know value. In today’s world, where seemingly common items like a ballpoint pen, fishing lure, G.I. Joe figure, or book can bring thousands of dollars, it is easy for an unsuspecting owner trying to do a good thing “cleaning” only to find out they have thrown away a small fortune.

​Do you work with realtors?

Yes. We love working with realtors and realtors usually like working with us. On the weekend of a sale the property receives significant exposure that can result in a sale. Most realtors will leave us sheets with us to hand out detailing the property.

We also understand many basic guidelines. We know not to sell items like window screens, lighting fixtures, window treatments, and extra tile that may go with the house. One of our ultimate goals is to work with realtors to make it as easy as possible for them to show the property in the best light.

Do you sell firearms?

Yes. We have an extensive knowledge of firearms and sporting items. We sell firearms in 100% strict adherence to Vermont and US ATF regulations.

What don't you sell?

Our extensive knowledge of the marketplace allows us to see "value" in areas that are often overlooked by others, and we consistently hear from our clients that they can not believe how diverse of a grouping of material we handle. With that said, we operate within all legal state and federal guidelines. In some cases, items such as alcohol, rare taxidermy, ivory, and others are prohibited. While it is rare, in other situations our company reserves the right to deny selling items we deem inappropriate. This includes racially sensitive material, Natzi memorabilia, pornography, etc. Should you have questions about specific items, we are happy to discuss them with you on a case by case basis during our consultation. 

Do you recycle

We take great pride in being a "green" company. As a service to our clients, we often take care of their recycling needs as part of our services. This includes old televisions, tires, e-waste, paint, and much more. Our clients can take great comfort in knowing that such items will stay out of the landfill and be properly disposed of. In some situations, a minor fee (usually equal to what we are charged at the recycling center) may be charged to cover expenses.

Do you really leave the house empty?

In most cases, the homes we perform sales at are left completely empty and "broom swept" within 72 hours of the completion of sale (often sooner). There is no additional fee for this service, but should the situation necessitate trash disposal, a slight fee may be charged to cover the landfill costs. In some situations where there is an extensive amount of trash, arrangements will be worked out with the owner prior to signing a contract. 

Are you insured?

Yes. Our company carries several different forms of insurance. When performing on-site sales we also require the homeowner to have their homeowner's policy in good standing. While we have never had a claim, and are extremely proactive to make sure accidents are avoided, we operate under the mentality that when dealing with the public you can't be too careful. 

Hoarder homes?

Yes. We have experience dealing with "hoarding" situations on the many levels this term encompasses. 

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