How it Works​

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​​Vermont Estate Sales & Transition Services

After an initial consultation to evaluate the items, physical location, and work involved the details of a contract are negotiated. K.C. Scanlon will provide the owner a realistic estimate of what the sale total should be. Unlike many contracts that tilt terms in one party’s favor, we believe they should be a two-way street. Among other things, our contracts plainly state a commission rate and any special sale terms. They allow us to act as agents for the owner and negotiate prices, guarantee we will have the property in “broom swept” condition within  seven days of  the conclusion of the sale, and spell out that payment will be made within 30 business days (usually sooner-often within 24 hours) of  the conclusion of the sale.  We are happy to provide the owners with a sample contract prior to this step if they desire.

From this point our team begins the sale process. Setting up for a sale is different from simply cleaning a home. Items are sorted, sets are put together, drawers are emptied, and box lots are made. Often a house is rearranged. The idea is that when a potential buyer enters the home they see several things that catch their eye. This creates excitement, and excitement results in sales.

After an initial set-up items are priced. All items are clearly tagged, and things like original bills of sale, manuals, and warrantees are placed with an item when available. Part of our standard contract allows us to set the selling price on an item, but we are happy to work with owners when they desire it and make them part of this process.

While this is happening our marketing campaign is also underway. Ads are being placed in local papers, flyers are printed, email blasts are sent, postcards are mailed, and several websites are utilized to get the word out.

On the morning of the sale signs are placed out and traffic situations are accounted for. Signage is very important for a successful outcome and K.C. Scanlon will make sure there is no shortage.

Traditionally doors will open to the house at 9:00 a.m. Depending on the sale, buyers may be on premises forming a line several hours before. Absolutely no “early buying” is allowed and no one other than our sales staff is allowed in the home at this time.   Buyers will be admitted after 9:00 a.m. on a first-come, first-serve basis.  We will provide them “sold” tags to use on larger items and our staff will ensure that the sale goes smoothly.

After the sale if any items deemed to be of significant value remain they will either be sold at a local auction or purchased by K.C. Scanlon for a percentage of the marked price. Usually there will be a handful of household items that remain. These will be donated to charity or properly disposed of.

Within 30 business days of the conclusion of the sale (usually sooner) payment will be made to the owner. An accounting will be provided.