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It Is That Easy​

​​Vermont Estate Sales & Transition Services

One thing we know for certain is that transitioning or settling an estate can be one of the most stressful things people go through in their lives. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible.

The other day a customer told us "After I spoke to you and realized what you did it was the first night I slept well in a month." What she found out was that we take care of all the details. All she had to do was mark the items she wanted to bring to her new home with her, call a mover (who we can recommend for you), and give us a key so we can do the rest. It really is that easy.

Not only do we know value and are able to maximize the sale of the contents of your home, but we also provide a service. We will leave the house in broom swept condition, dispose of all the trash, recycle whatever we can, and do it in a timely manner. You can "sleep easily" knowing you are doing the right thing.

Because we work with estates every day we know what we are likely to encounter and how to handle it. We set aside personal photos and paperwork, make sure things like any cash found hidden in the pages of a book is returned to the owner, and treat the property like it was our own with consideration for the buyer of the house. This means things like window treatments and storm windows stay with the property.

When it comes time for the sale, we usually surpass a client's expectations. Often the extra money we generate more than covers our commission. It is a win-win for all involved.

We invite you to call us. We are always happy to talk and find a solution for your transition or estate situation.