Upcoming Events: 

Visit us Saturday, September 19!

Norwich Antique Show

On the Green at Norwich Historical Society

277 Main St. Norwich, Vt.

Hours 10:00 a.m.-3:00 pm

We are excited to be able to sneak an antique show into our busy fall schedule. This is our first year doing the Norwich Show, and our theme is "The Colors of Autumn". We plan on bringing a fun mix of country items in old paint, silver, jewelry, porcelain, and much more. We were able to take a quick pic. when we began packing and will try to post more as time allows!

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Future Events
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Saturday, September 19 
 17th Annual Norwich Antiques Show
 -Norwich, Vt.

Saturday, September 26 
 So. Burlington, Vt.​​

Saturday, October 3 
 Waitsfield, Vt.​​

Saturday, October 10 
 Online Estate Sale​​

Saturday, October 17 
 So. Burlington, Vt.​​

Saturday, October 24 
 Middlesex, Vt.​​