Estate sales are the perfect alternative for people with an accumulation of items to sell. Often an auction company or antique dealer may only cherry pick a few select items from a home, leaving the bulk of the contents needing to be disposed of.  Sometimes this places the owner in a difficult situation. Used furniture and “end lot” buyers often only pay pennies on the dollar, while cleaning and removal companies charge hefty fees for their services. Remember, when you sell an item outright to an individual, their goal is usually to buy it for as little as possible so that they can resell it to make as much money as possible.

One K.C. Scanlon’s core philosophies are that all transactions will be conducted on a commission basis. This means the owners and K.C. Scanlon are essentially partners. K.C. Scanlon wants to sell items for as much as possible on your behalf because in simple terms, the more money you make, the more money they make.

K.C. Scanlon actively markets sales through a variety of methods. We maintain an active database of buyers. Prior to each sale several hundred postcards and/or email blasts will be sent out. Ads will be placed in proven periodicals and papers; postings will be placed on pertinent websites, radio campaigns may be initiated, and posters will be placed in town centers and antique shops.  This is essential in achieving a successful sale.  Our reputation for no games, fairly priced items, and accurately represented pieces also continually brings in many dealers, designers, and collectors who otherwise would not attend an estate sale.

We also have experience when it comes to picking a sale date. While this sounds trivial, the correct date can make or break a sale. A properly advertised sale on a good weekend may attract 500 people, a poorly advertised one on the “wrong” weekend may only attract 50.

Estate sales also allow for homes to be left in “broom swept” condition and empty to the bare walls. This means there is no clutter to scare off potential real estate buyers. Trash is removed at little or no cost to the owner; recycling is sorted and brought to the correct facilities; paints and hazardous material are properly disposed of; and canned food, clothing, and household goods of minimal value are donated to the charities of the client’s choice.

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